HARDWARE PRODUCTS(Since 2013)Authorized Distributor of Hardware& Electric Products:

Planet Power Tools:

They stretch Their imagination and test their abilities in their efforts to deliver precision and strong performing power tools. Application of best processes and breakthrough materials they experiment with. The results are the best-of-the-class equipments that are being used at from the smallest workshop floor to landmark architectural projects the world-over.
Their innovation, the ‘Twinner’, is one such wonder that has not just enthralled technicians across the globe but is the most widely used power tool in the construction and engineering industries ever. With 17 patents to their credit, Planet Power can probably wear the hat of a truly innovative company.

Key Products:- Cutters, Drill Machines, Grinders, Jigsaws, Blowers, Pressure Washers, Planers, Hammer Drills, Polishers, Accessories etc.


Pidilite Industries Limited:

Pidilite Industries Limited is a market leader in Adhesive, Construction chemicals, Wire Tape and art materials.

Pidilite is a consumer centric company committed to quality and innovation. For decades, It has been pioneering products for small to large applications, at home and industry, which have forged strong bonds with people from all walks of life.

Key Products :- Fevicol SH / Marine / Heatx, Dr. Fixit Waterproofing Chemicals, Fevikwik, M-Seal,Steelgrip, Rangeela/ FevicrylColours, Fevistik etc.


Bosch Limited

Bosch develops innovative, high quality power tools that are guaranteed to produce professional results in all fields of craftsmanship. Their tools are reliable, powerful and robust, fulfill the highest demands, and make your work easier. Bosch’s cordless tools excel especially due to their long lifetime, high performance capability, and very long runtime.

Key Products:- Cordless Tools, Construction Hammers, Drill Machines, Cutting Machines, Grinders, Jigsaws, Blowers, Accessories etc.


Royal Arc Electrodes Limited

Established in the year 1986, “Royal Arc Electrodes Limited,” is leading and globally recognized manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Welding electrodes and support consumables.  “Royal Arc Electrodes Limited” pursue their 21st century vision of emerging as true global welding solutions leader. Meeting the demands of customers throughout the world through offering innovative welding products and services.

Key Products:- Copper Coated Solid Wire for Co2 Gas Welding, Steel Welding Wires, Manual Metal Arc Welding Electrodes, Stainless Steel Welding Wires & Filler Wire, Flux Cored Wires and Resin Bonded Abrasive Wheels etc.


We deal in other Branded Hardware products also.