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India’s No. 1 Desi Chinese brand which has helped makes Desi Chinese the second most popular cuisine in India.

When Chinese immigrants in India started incorporating Indian spices into their cooking, and when the locals adapted Chinese cooking techniques and seasoning to suit their tastes, they ended up creating a whole new cuisine in India: Desi Chinese. Indians fell in love with this fusion of Indo-Chinese flavors and have made it their own, by constantly evolving the cuisine and adding their own touches to it. Capital Foods created Ching’s Secret. A brand that specifically caters to the ever-growing Indian demand for Desi Chinese by offering an array of food products that are hygienically manufactured using the latest technology.

Every region in India has its own ethnic cuisine. But the one cuisine that links each and every part of India, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, is Desi Chinese. In 1996, Capital Foods was the first food company to spot this special culinary connection that all Indians shared – and created Ching’s Secret. The range of products and flavors that Ching’s Secret offers are in a category of their own and unmatched by any other food brand in India. They include Hakka Noodles, Sauces, Sauce Mixes, Instant Noodles, Instant Soups, Kettle Cook Soups, Chutney, Masalas and Frozen Meals. Today Ching’s has become synonymous with Desi Chinese in India and across the globe.